Flow Measurement

Metreg Technologies offers a complete product portfolio of high precision, calibrated custody transfer and non-fiscal process gas measurement instruments for industrial and commercial applications. Metreg measuring instruments are characterized by high precision and robustness. They are all individually tested in the factory on internationally approved and traceable flow test facilities and pressure test benches. All meters can be equipped with various low, medium and high frequency pulse outputs and can be connected to various ancillary electronic devices such as volume correctors, data storage and data transfer devices for automatic flow determination or volume transmission.

MRM type series rotary piston gas meters for custody transfer applications are based on the physical measurement principle of a positive displacement meter - a high precision measurement chamber is continuously filled and emptied; the number of fillings and emptying’s determine the measured volume.

MTM type series turbine gas meters for custody transfer applications are based on the physical measurement principle of a flow meter where the flowing gas drives a turbine wheel and its rotational speed is proportional to the flow at operating conditions (pressure and temperature).

MQM type quantometers are turbine meters for non-fiscal process measurement or volume allocation applications in the industry for measurement of non-corrosive and non-aggressive gases like natural gas or similar. The MQM is equipped with an 8-digit mechanical roller index.

MQMe meters are equipped with an integrated electronic index to display the measured volume and flowrate at operational conditions. The electronic index head has the option to integrate an electronic conversion function acc. to AGANX19. The electronic index head is intrinsically safe and ATEX / IECEx approved for installation in zone 1 and 2.

Volume Correction

METREG provides for the conversion of measured values ​​under operating conditions to standard conditions a product line called MECflex. The product line MECflex is a modern, 
modular designed product family. All MECflex products are compact, battery-powered volume correctors for direct installation on top of the gas meter or for mounting directly on the inlet pipe, wall mounted or on pipe posts in hazardous areas. The modularity of the Metreg electronic volume corrector product line makes it easily scalable to different system application requirements. The devices have an integrated AMR meter remote data readout function over different modems or can be optionally combined with one unit of the AMRflex product family. The MECflex - product family is approved according to EN 12405 MID 1 (2011) & 2 (2012) and optionally combinable with an external power supply MPUflex.

Data Transmission

MECflex-family correctors can be expanded using AMRflex type communication units. Data communication is becoming ever more important for generating process data on the one hand and billing data on the other. In addition, the data communication solution is customer and project specific and can thus really appear to be very complex. Metreg products' modularity again comes into play to meet these complex requirements.

Remote Transmission Software

The AVE 2 system has been developed for automatic remote transmission of volume corrector and data logger data. The AVE 2 system's core task is to read out data from Metreg volume correctors and data loggers or also from correctors or data loggers of other manufacturers, using remote control technology.
In addition to pure data transmission, the AVE 2 system also conducts data validation and storage in a standardized data format. The AVE 2 system additionally handles the transmission of validated data to other software applications.