What we offer

Metering technology

Our volume flow meters, such as rotary piston and turbine gas meters, have been developed for custody and non-custody transfer applications in accordance with the relevant standards and guidelines. The devices' technical performance in many areas by far exceeds the standards' and accreditation tests' requirements.

The MTM turbine gas meter and MRM rotary piston gas meter product lines are used for custody transfer applications. MTM turbine gas meters (under EN 12261 and OIML R 137.1&2) with a nominal diameter range of DN 50 (2´´) to DN 300 (12´´) and a G value of G65 to G4000 in pressure ratings from PN10/16 to ANSI Class 600 are being produced.

MRM rotary piston gas meters (according to EN12480 and OIML R 137.1) are offered in the nominal diameter range of DN 25 (1´´) to DN 200 (8´´) and a G value from G 10 to G 1000 in pressure ratings of PN10/16 and ANSI Class 150.

Metreg Technologies manufactures the MQM quantometer based on a turbine gas meter for non-custody volume measurement. This product line encompasses a meter size from DN 25 (1´´) to DN 150 (6´´) with a G value of G25 to G1000 and in pressure ratings PN10/16 and ANSI Class 150.

Volume correction and data transmission

The MECflex volume corrector type series is modularly designed and approved under MID and ATEX according to EN 12405. The MDLflex data storage type series and AMRflex data transfer devices are an ideal complement, partly as an integrated function. Integrating almost all applications, including those currently existing, into an integrated AMR system is possible for the user for all commercial and industrial applications due to the application's great flexibility.

Remote-transmission software

The AVE 2 system has been developed for automatic remote transmission of volume corrector and data logger data. The AVE 2 system's core task is to read out data from Metreg volume converters and data loggers, but also from those of other manufacturers, using remote control technology. In addition to pure data transmission, the AVE 2 system also conducts data validation and storage in a standardized data format. The AVE 2 system additionally handles the transmission of validated data to other software applications.

Testing & Calibration center

Metreg Technologies GmbH's test center is in preparation as an officially recognized test center (GN3) by the German metrological authorities (PTB) for gas meters, volume correctors, and ancillary equipment and will begin its work by the beginning of 2015. Metreg Technologies GmbH's officially recognized test center will conduct the following:

1. Calibrations

2. In-service tests

3. Factory tests

4. Special tests

Metreg Technologies has applied for accreditation in the states of Berlin and Brandenburg for the on-site recalibration of official measures. The officially recognized test center's flow rate test bench was developed at the Fürstenwalde site. The test bench operates with a combination of a critical sonic nozzles, a low-pulsation rotary meter and two turbine meters as working standards.

A high degree of test bench flexibility and productivity is achieved through the combination of these different working standards.

Air at atmospheric pressure is used as the test medium. The test bench's capacity is 0.1 m3/h
to 4000 m3/h. The test bench is designed to test meters with a nominal width of DN 25 to DN 300.